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Content Forward Websites

Cat Interactive’s Expertise Will Add Quickness, Agility
and a Higher Ranking to Your Domain.

Drake Manufacturing Website
Drake Manufacturing Website — ranks on first search page
for keyword "thread grinder"
C&B Machinery Website
C&B Machinery Website — ranks on first search page for "double disc grinder"
Pines website
Pines Website — ranks on first search page for "tube bending machines"
Romi website
Romi Website — ranks on first search page for "CNC Lathes"
Hautau website

Content Marketing is the latest buzzword. How about a web site design that brings your Content Forward to the user? Intuitive ... Easy ... Fast ... High Performance ... High traffic ... Consistent First Page Search Engine Results. The ultimate in Content Marketing.

Simple and Easy

Navigating most websites is extremely frustrating. Ever get lost?

With a Content Forward website, you don't click and click and click to drill down into a subject—you click once and the content is delivered to you.

That's the look and feel. Instant response. Instant gratification.

A Cat Interactive Content Forward site inspires confidence, builds trust and loyalty.

Exquisitely Produced

We’ve built Content Forward websites in standard HTML as well as on a content-managed
WordPress platform.

They both look good and function flawlessly. But we recommend strongly that companies migrate to the content-managed WordPress. With a WordPress site, we empower our clients to update the site themselves.

Our services include training in updating your WordPress site. This training is included in our original quote.

WordPress is a cloud-based open-source authoring program. There is no software to buy. Forums addressing new ideas, techniques, implementation and problem solving abound.

So with a WordPress solution, you are connected to a worldwide community of users. You will always be using the latest technology … and have answers at your fingertips.

Cat Interactive’s Online Marketing Services Are:


Cat Interactive offers a full suite of web development and design services including:


The Cat Interactive design process helps ensure that you achieve a top-performing site.

  1. Research – define the basic audience as well as other factors that can contribute
    to the success of the site
  2. Wireframes
  3. Sitemap design – developing the content structure to optimize SEO and retain users
  4. Initial Designs
  5. Design Revision
  6. Design Approval
  7. HTML/CSS, CMS and configuration
  8. Testing & Debugging
  9. Cross-browser fixes
  10. Client Testing
  11. Setup
  12. We’re live!

A Solid Foundation

Cat Interactive makes recommendations based on data … with an eye towards utility and longevity. Supple design allows for the incorporation of new ideas as the web continues to race forward.

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